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Activity 2: EXPERIMENT: MUST BE SOMETHING IN THE WATER Objective: To identify pollutants in the water supply
Materials needed:
Gauze or clean white cloth large enough to cover a faucet
Hand lens (optional)
Clear plastic
1. Choose a faucet in your house.
2. Cover the mouth of the faucet with gauzo or a clean white cloth. Tie the cloth with the string
to keep it from falling.
3. Remove the gauze every day and examine it through a hand lens. Record your observations
in your notebook.
4. After one week, remove the gauze or cloth. Using your hand lens, examine the gauze or cloth
for the last time.
5. Dry the cloth and tape it on cardboard. Cover it with plastic to preserve whatever has been
caught in the cloth.
6. Bring the cloth to school.
7. Lay your cloth on the table. Compare your cloths.

eto po yung tanong

What did you observe from the experiment?

What did you expect?

What kind of particulates was trapped in the cloth?

Which of the faucets yielded the cleanest and dertiest?

What did you not expect?

What do you plan to do as a result of this activity?

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